Peci: Wheat yields can cover about 70 percent of the market

The Minister of Agriculture, Faton Peci, has said that the level of wheat yields for this year is about 4 tons per hectare, from 66 thousand that have been planted. He added that if they calculate with the number of the population, this level of wheat can cover about 70 percent of the local market.

Peci, at the press conference after the government meeting, said that there is no room for concern regarding the supply of wheat, as there is stabilization of the international markets.

“This year, Kosovo has a crop record in all crops, especially in the cereal sector. Over 66,000 hectares are planted only with wheat, the yield level is somewhere close to 4 tons per hectare. If we calculate with the number of the population and international standards, what daily consumption requires, us with these crops, if the entire amount of wheat is dedicated only to the consumption of citizens, we can say that we have somewhere around 70 percent of the market coverage. However, there are many cases when farmers do not choose to store the amount of grain, but use it for animals or poultry. What I can say is that there is no room for concern, now that we have a stabilization of the international markets”, he emphasized.
On the other hand, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Liza Gashi, said that strengthening the international subjectivity of Kosovo is their strategic point.
She said that she is not a representative of the European Union to know when the punitive measures against Kosovo can be removed, but underlined that Kosovo has taken all the steps stemming from the Bratislava agreement for the extension of the situation in the north and that they are already waiting for an answer from the EU.
“One of the main points in our strategic journey is the strengthening of our international subjectivity and advocacy to protect the Republic of Kosovo. This is our daily work on a daily basis that we communicate with all countries, recognized and non-recognized, that advanced the role of Kosovo, but also at the same time strengthened the position of Kosovo through our diplomatic and consular missions”, she emphasized.