Parliament Fails to Agree on Common Position on South Stream ahead of PM's Brussels Visit

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Sofia, December 3 (BTA) – The Bulgarian Parliament Wednesday failed to do as asked by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and give him a clear mandate vis-a-vis the South Stream gas pipeline project ahead of his visit to Brussels later this week.
Having given Borissov a hearing on the intentions of the government after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement about cancelling the project via Bulgaria, the parties in Parliament failed to agree on a common position for the government leader to present in Brussels.
The majority of MPs voted down a motion of the left-wing Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) to discuss a draft statement on the issue they have prepared.
Borissov said that he does not have the South Stream project agreement that Bulgaria has signed and requested Parliament to ask the government to obtain the agreements on South Stream “by force”. “If I don’t have the agreement by Friday, within a week after that I will find ways to obtain it myself, with all powers I have,” the Prime Minister said, adding that this is no easy matter because the parties invoke trade secret. Borissov promised that when he obtains the document, he will inform Parliament what it says about the prices and the transit. MORE