Panchev says that the EU has lost its way: It is allowing Vucic to destroy peace in the region

The European Union lacks real leadership as it has lost its way in relation to Serbia, says the Bulgarian albanologist Anton Panchev. In an interview for KosovaPress, he criticizes the EU for its soft approach towards Serbia, allowing the autocrat Aleksandar Vucic to develop destructive policies in the Balkans.

For the expert on Balkan issues, also the measures of the EU towards Kosovo are unacceptable when it is known that it is Serbia that has a chauvinistic approach.

“We must say that, unfortunately, the European Union lacks real leadership. There were several cases in the last days, e.g., the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, with Vucic, with the Serbian president, we saw that they mocked the European Union openly, in such a crisis that the European Union is in, it’s just really lacking leadership, and the Brussels, most of the member states they cannot face different crises. The crisis that has gripped the Balkans, because the aggression of the Serbs towards Kosovo but also towards other countries in some way is continuing. Serbian chauvinist policies are continuing, and instead of disciplining Serbia, instead of showing, I mean the institutions in Brussels, that Serbia cannot behave in such an aggressive way towards Kosovo, but also towards some of the other states, the Union Europe has lost its way, it has lost its true approach to our region, and it allows an autocrat like Vucic… to try to destroy peace in the region, stability in the region. I think that the Republic of Kosovo protects its sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitutional order. So, there is a need for greater support from the member states of the European Union because this approach of Serbia should not be allowed”, he said.

He appeals to the international community to be more vigilant towards the Serbian danger, reminding the EU that Kosovo is within its rights.

According to him, all of Serbia’s behavior is related to Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine.

“No, there will not be positive results, it is well known, because Serbia does not want a normalization of relations with Kosovo because Serbia expects positive results for Serbia, for Belgrade, from Russian aggression in Ukraine. So, Serbia is waiting for a major change in the international order, when Russia and its allies can take advantage of the West and wrap up the situation in the Balkans. Serbia will wait for years; I am sure because this is the approach of a Serbian policy for more than a century. They just wait, in Belgrade they admit that they have patience to wait for years and decades for a better situation for Serbia in the global order, in international relations, to change the situation in the Balkans in favor of Belgrade, in favor of his chauvinist plans. So, I don’t believe at all, I don’t believe in the sincerity of Serbia. In these negotiations, the Serbian authorities gain time and expect a better situation for them. They will continue with this policy in the following years, because in Brussels they do not understand this approach, they think that they can draw Serbia into their camp with some concessions to the detriment of Kosovo, which is a strategic mistake on the part of Brussels”, said Panchev.

According to him, Belgrade is only interested in riots and that is why it does not allow Serbs to integrate into the institutions of Kosovo.