Panama Papers do not mention Romanian top politicians, says President Iohannis

Panama Papers do not mention Romanian top politicians, says President Iohannis

The Panama Papers do not mention Romanian top politicians or personalities, President Klaus Iohannis asserted in an interview aired on Wednesday night by the public television TVR.

“I think we need to consider this matter in full seriousness. The so-called Panama Papers scandal is more, much more than a mere scandal revealed by the media to remain there. It is a global mega-scandal, there is a humongous number of politicians, of well-known businesspersons involved in this scandal, and we must take a look into it. (…) If a businessperson who earns a lot in Romania prefers to use such a scheme and not pay taxes in Romania, but elsewhere, in Panama for instance, then I think it’s a thing that can be judged not only in legal terms, but at least in the public space, in the media space, in moral terms. (…) In my opinion, it is a matter that does not affect just us; and I admit I am content — I hope there won’t be more surprises — not to find well-known names or high political positions in Romania on this Panama Papers list. There are some businesspersons of Romania, some of them already in various trials, also for tax avoidance,” the President said.

According to Iohannis, off-shore companies are a problem for the world economy.

“The fact that this model of off-shore companies is presently possible is a thing with which I personally have some problems, and I think we’re facing a reconsideration of the whole global economic circuit, a rethinking of the whole taxes system for companies. (…) Prosecutors (…) with mandates have access to some information. Well, this must be discussed one way or another, whether it would be proper to apply it to companies who pay very small taxes in one place, such as Panama, while making very high profits elsewhere,” he said.

The President added that politicians are especially concerned by the sources of money. More…