Optimism for Cyprus tourism from Russia, Britain and Germany

Optimism for Cyprus tourism from Russia, Britain and Germany

Initial estimates for reductions in tourist arrivals from Russia at 25-30% are now overturned since there are encouraging messages from this country while there is boost in the tourist movement towards Cyprus from the UK and Germany.

Speaking to CNA, Director of the Cyprus Hotel Managers Vasos Kilani, noted that “the situation is different than what we anticipated earlier this year.”

There is a more positive response from the Russian market over the last two-three weeks with the stabilization of the market, he said, adding that things are moving very well and it seems that reductions will be lower than we had anticipated.

There is the belief reductions will be around 15%, Kilani added saying that all these will be confirmed at the beginning of May when the Russian tourists will begin to come to the island.

Indicative of the overall optimism is that the largest Russian tour operator that handles tourists to Cyprus, “Biblio Globus” began to send several reservations in Cyprus.

In its website “Biblio Globus”, has three flights a week currently for April 2015 , something that pleases hoteliers.

According to Kilani, flights are expected to increase accordingly with the demand which will continue until the end of October.

Besides good news for Cyprus from the Russian market, the British market as well as the German market are going well too, which increases confidence for a good year in tourism.