One of Largest Roman Buildings in Bulgaria Found during Excavations in Central Sofia




Sofia, August 7 (BTA) – During excavations in central Sofia’s Sveta Nedelya Square, archaeologists have found one of the largest buildings dating from Roman times that has ever been unearthed in the territory of Bulgaria. This is presumably either the praetorium, or palace of Emperor Constantine the Great (reigned AD 306-312), or the thermae of Serdica, City Hall said in a press release.
The excavations are still at an early stage, but the ancient architectural ruins found shed new light on the urban development of central Serdica in the 2nd – 6th century AD). A huge-size building by the standards of the ancient city rose where the forum was presumably located. Peculiarities of the massive walls of the building suggest that it was used for a long period of time, undergoing various repairs and remodellings. Fragments of marble facing tiles and architectural details show that the building was lavishly decorated. MORE