On midsummer, Bucharest City celebrates the Romanian blouse, ia

On midsummer, Bucharest City celebrates the Romanian blouse, ia

Outdoor creation workshops and concerts, photo sessions and more surprises will be held today in Bucharest to celebrate the traditional Romanian blouse called ia.

On the International Day of the Romanian Blouse, the Creart Centre of Creation, Arts and Traditions of the Bucharest City Mayoralty is holding an urban event called IEsc at the Film Garden in Lahovari Square.

“IEsc is a project that we dedicate to this clothing item that has become a country brand. People can take part in a combination of urban events: unconventional photo sessions; creative workshops, accessory exhibitions, Romanian film screening — “Aferim!” and a concert staged by Maria Raducanu at the Film Garden, as well as many other surprises for the lovers of beauty and those who appreciate the value of this national symbol,” organisers say in a press statement to AGERPRES.

Admission to all the IEsc events is free.

Visitors can buy blouses at the Sanziene Fair at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

On June 24, the Day of the Sanziene, the midsummer fairies, Romanians are celebrating the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse, an initiative of the La Blouse Roumaine community. More…