Not good idea for Salis to stand in EU elections – Tajani

Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said Thursday that he does not think it is a good idea for Ilaria Salis, an Italian teacher in jail in Hungary for alleged involvement in an attack on far-right militants, to stand as a candidate in June’s European elections to draw attention to her case.

“I hope that Ms Salis will be acquitted,” Tajani told Sky Tg24.

“I saw that she was brought into court today again in handcuffs and chains, but it seems that they then took them off her after.

“It is not a nice way (to treat someone), I don’t think there is any danger of her escaping. Having said that, I would avoid politicising the case, I am not interested in whether they want to have her stand as a candidate, but if you turn the trial into a political clash, that political clash does not help Ms Salis”.