Mountaineer Adrian Ahritculesei sets out on Everest expedition

Mountaineer Adrian Ahritculesei, known for being the first Romanian man to complete the “Seven Volcanoes Circuit,” will leave Thursday afternoon for Nepal, on an expedition in which he has set out to conquer the highest peak in the world, Everest (8,848 m).

The expedition will take place from April 12 to May 30, during which the climber from Petrosani will go through several stages of acclimatisation until the moment when he starts his journey to the peak.

Ahritculesei will fly to Kathmandu on April 13, after which he will depart for Lukla, where he will begin preparations for the Everest climb. During the first ten days of the expedition, the mountaineer plans to reach the base camp at 5,300 metres altitude, after which he will have a period of acclimatisation.

“It’s a new challenge. It’s up to me to be healthy and to acclimatise. Also, an important factor for success is the weather,” Adrian Ahritculesei told AGERPRES.

He said that from base camp he will carry his own luggage and food to the upper camps, but a sherpa will be accompanying him during the ascent, to help him in case of need.

The expedition programme includes two acclimatisation periods and a return to base camp. For the first acclimatisation round climbers will ascend to 6,400 metres, and for the second one climbers will reach 7,900 metres, after which they will return to base camp and wait for a favourable stretch of good weather to go for Everest.

“Everest is achievable in 30-36 hours, depending on one’s physical preparation. After conquering the summit, you will then descend to the second camp at 6,400 metres,” said the climber.

Adrian Ahritculesei is 40 years old and a graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Timisoara. He works as an optometrist for a company in Petrosani.

In January 2023, he managed to conquer the peak of Mount Sidley (4,285 m), in Antarctica, and thus complete the “Seven Volcanoes Circuit,” becoming the first man in Romania to record such a feat.