Minister satisfied with tourism results

Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac visited the Špancirfest street festival in Varaždin on Friday, saying she is satisfied with this year’s tourism results and that they are in line with the government’s sustainable tourism development strategy.

“Our goal is not to have a peak during July and August, such that our roads can’t handle it, that our communal infrastructure is breaking, that we don’t have electricity and water. That’s why we embarked on developing the strategy,” Brnjac told the press.

The ministry is focusing on a balancedВ number of arrivals throughoutВ the year, she said, adding that there is noticeable destination improvement to avert the negative effects of mass tourism.

“Through management plans we are defining how many tourists each destination can receive,” she said. “We are investing in strengthening continental tourism, accommodation capacity and quality, which is most important to ensure for our tourists.”

Brnjac said it was important to findВ a balance between tourism development, environmental protection, and quality of life of the local population.

“Many of our destinations had a struggleВ with mass tourism. That’s why we embarked on reforming the management of destination development. That’s why a new law (on tourism) is being adopted. That is what’s important in the end, the satisfaction of the local population, not the devastation of the coast.”

Brnjac said she was pleased with this year’sВ shoulder seasons. “We had the best pre-summer ever. The post-summer is showing promising results. Hoteliers and campsites are very satisfied.”

Commenting on the central bank’s tourism revenue estimate, she said, “Last year was already a record year. For this year, the HNB expects 14.1 billion (euros). Let’s wait for the end of the year to have theВ full picture.”

According to the central bank, tourism revenue for the first quarter was 38% higher year on year, she added.

Brnjac visited Špancirfest as the prime minister’s envoy.