Minister presents government priorities and strategy on human rights to SPT

Minister presents government priorities and strategy on human rights to SPT

The priorities and the Government strategy on human rights protection were presented on Thursday by Justice Minister Ionas Nikolaou to the members of the UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (“SPT”), who are visiting Cyprus.

The Subcommittee members have met so far with the House Human Rights Committee, the Central Prison Department, the detention area at Menoyeia as well as police lock-ups in various cities.

Speaking after the meeting, the Minister said that he reiterated the Government`s determination to continue to work closely with both the UN Subcommittee and with the Ombudswoman, following her recommendations on various issues. He noted that Cyprus seeks the expertise of the Subcommittee and is pleased when it can exchange views and ideas with people who have the knowledge and can provide assistance.

Nikolaou said that the members of the Subcommittee appeared satisfied with the measures taken by government and with the assurances that were given.

“I explained the measures the government is taking, our actions and the strategy in order to comply with the recommendations of the Ombudswoman”, he said.

He explained that the Government has already complied with the recommendations made in a report in 2013 as regard the detention center in Menoyeia, adding that the former Director of the area is currently facing disciplinary proceedings.