Michel in a letter to Krišto: It is now crucial that BiH uses this opportunity on the path to EU

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, sent a letter to the Chairperson of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borjana Krišto, in which he thanked her for the recent visit and the letter from May 9 about the progress achieved in the first 100 days of the Council of Ministers’s work.

“I congratulate you on these achievements. Your engagement in creating a positive working environment that leads to ensuring a functional Bosnia and Herzegovina that is progressing on the path to the EU is important, including the context of the obligations assumed by the political agreement of June 12, 2022, in Brussels.

The candidate country status granted to Bosnia and Herzegovina by the European Council last December comes with great expectations. I welcome the fact that the Council of Ministers has already taken important steps in the ongoing reforms.

It is now crucial that the country seizes this opportunity on its path to the EU by swiftly implementing the 14 key priorities needed to open accession negotiations.

The forthcoming reforms to strengthen the rule of law, the fight against corruption and organized crime, migration management and fundamental rights must be adopted quickly and in accordance with the EU standards,” wrote Michel in a letter that FENA was acquainted with.

He also welcomes the “significant increase in compliance of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the EU foreign policy decisions and restrictive measures”.

“It is imperative to further consolidate this positive record and ensure systematic implementation, especially considering Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine. The EU is ready to continue supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina as a single, united and sovereign country on its European path.

The future of your country is in the EU. We are counting on you to carry out the necessary reforms, for the benefit of all citizens and ensure the place of your country in the European family,” concluded the President of the European Council, Charles Michel in his letter to the Chairperson of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borjana Krišto.