Госпић - служен парастос

GOSPIC, June 21 /SRNA/ – On the occasion of the Remembrance Day of Jadovno 1941, a memorial service was held at the Saran Pit on the Velebit Mountain in Croatia, marking the day when the Ustashas brutally murdered more than 40,000 people, mainly Serbs.Memorial service to Jadovno victims was served by the priests of the Diocese of Gornji Karlovac and other dioceses of the Serbian Orthodox Church. 

Head of Jadovno 1941 Association, Dusan Bastasic, stated that the Saran Pit is a horrible place, as well as other karst pits at the bottom of which the remains of innocent Serb’s martyrs rest. 

He said that, unfortunately,74 years after the crime was committed the remains of Jadovno victims have not yet been exhumed and buried in a dignified manner. 

Bastasic said that no names are inscribed on the memorial, which has been recently erected in front of the Saran Pit on the Velebit Mountain, because Croatian authorities do not allow it. 

He stated that a group of pilgrims will take the Martyrs’ path on Saturday to the place where the Jadovno concentration camp used to be located, while a small group of pilgrims will sail from Karlobag to Slano bay on the island of Pag, to hold a memorial service and erect a consecrated cross for more than 8,000 killed in Pag’s rocky area and drowned in a sea of the island’s port. 

Memorial service was attended by envoy of the Republika Srpska president, Miladin Dragicevic, secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Veterans’ Affairs of Republika Srpska, Slavko Peric, director of the Secretariat for Religions, Dragan Davidovic, President of the Serbian Democratic Forum in Croatia, Veljko Dzakula, and descendants of victims from Serbia, Srpska and region wide. 

Marking of the Remembrance Day of Jadovno 1941 was organised by the Diocese of Gornji Karlovac and the Jadovno 1941 Association. 

According to the current data, which are not final, 40,123 people, mainly Serbs were brutally murdered within the compound of Jadovno death camp. /end/vos