Mavroyiannis, Ministerial Envoy at HL UN meeting on substainable development goals

Mavroyiannis, Ministerial Envoy at HL UN meeting on substainable development goals

Special Ministerial Envoy of the Republic of Cyprus, Ambassador Andreas Mavroyiannis, represented Cyprus at the high level meeting of the UN General Assembly on the implementation of the sustainable development goals.

The meeting, the first following the adoption of the universal, transformative 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals last September, was attended by leaders of state and government, ministers and other governmental high ranking officials, UN officials, civil society representatives and business community representatives.

In his address, Mavroyiannis said that Cyprus has begun the implementation process of the Sustainable Development Goals, adding that “being located in one of the most volatile areas in the world and having in place a peace process of our own, we attach utmost importance in the implementation of Goal 16 on peace and security”.

“As a small island state in a geographic area that is most affected by climate change, Goal 13 on Climate change is also a priority, as is Goal 14 on the sustainable use of Oceans. Particular attention is paid to target 14c which calls for the implementation of international law as reflected in the UNCLOS which provides the legal framework for the sustainable use of oceans”, he concluded.

Pointing out that the 2030 Agenda together with the Addis Ababa Action Agenda for financing for sustainable development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change are closely interlinked, he said that without adequate financing and without tackling climate change, the Goals simply cannot be attained.

“Our world today is more than ever interconnected. National borders have lost their meaning. Humanity is going through its worst humanitarian refugee crisis with more than 60 million refugees having fled, becoming involuntary fugitives in a human tragedy” he said.

Mavroyiannis went on to add that in this landscape we are called upon to implement the sustainable development goals for a change of paradigm.

“The achievement of sustainable development goals will address a plethora of challenges facing humanity because they touch on the roots of problems; poverty elimination, inequality, the building of just and peaceful societies and strong institutions and upholding of the rule of law and respecting human rights” he pointed out.