Man injured in Brasov bread factory fire dies in hospital

Man injured in Brasov bread factory fire dies in hospital

One of the six people injured in the explosions that occurred Thursday night at bread factory in Brasov has died after midnight, Dr. Daniela Neculoiu, manager of the Brasov Country Clinic Emergency Hospital, where the victims are admitted, told AGERPRES.

“He is the man who fell in a well and who was brought to the hospital in serious condition. His head injuries were pretty serious. We have tried our best. He was ready to go into surgery, but he died during the pre-anesthesia phase,” Neculoiu stated.

According to the physician, the other five victims are currently admitted to the hospital — two of them in intensive care and three in the plastic surgery section. Those admitted in the intensive care unit have large burns, on 30pct of the skin and upper respiratory tract lesions; they are hemodynamically stable. The other three wounded have burns on their hands and face, approximately 5-10pct of the total body surface.

“We have enough medical staff and for now there isn’t a case for moving them to other hospitals outside of Brasov,” dr. Neculoiu insisted.

The explosion occurred on Thursday evening around 8pm at the mill of the bread factory and was followed by a fire that was extinguished by firemen, who were quick to intervene at the scene. There were 11 people at the site of the explosion. Six of them were injured and five unharmed. A total of 12 teams and ambulances of the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) and 12 fire trucks with water and foam intervened at the scene. More…