Limassol Court issues order to protect dog

Limassol Court issues order to protect dog

In perhaps the first such court decision in Cyprus, the Limassol District Court issued an order earlier this month to place a dog under state custody, at the request of the Police, which found the dog famished and abandoned by its owner.

Head of the Limassol Police Criminal Investigation Office Ioannis Soteriades told CNA that after a tip off Police officers visited the place where the dog, and American Staffordshire Terrier, had been reported to be, and found it living in squalid conditions and showing signs of having been abandoned.

Court procedures followed and the Police filed an ex parte application for a temporary order to place the animal into care, as is done in cases in which children are involved.

The Court approved the Police request and the dog was taken to a veterinary clinic to be cared for.

The Police are investigating a case against the dog`s owner, who appears to be presenting various allegations in order to get the dog back.