Kurti on International Women’s Day: The government’s aim for equality and justice has no alternative

In marking the International Women’s Day, the common cause of women and girls who have contributed to building peace, building institutions and democracy of the country has been mentioned.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti said on International Women’s Day that the goal of the Government of Kosovo for equality and justice has no alternative.

Therefore, it has been stated that they are together in the efforts to fight for equality.

“Our aim for equality and justice has no alternative. Feminist politics are preserving and advancing democracy everywhere today. They have won the political war because now there is no doubt that these two can only go together. This is the country we work for every day. A democrat yes, but also feminist “, said Kurti.

Kurti has mentioned the allowances for mothers and children, schemes from which, according to him, about 40 thousand mothers and about 400 thousand children are beneficiaries. According to Kurti, over 90,000 women have opened bank accounts for the first time.

Kurti has said that according to the forecasts of the World Bank, Kosovo in 2024 is expected to have the highest economic growth in the region.

He promised that they will give impetus to development projects and social support for good living conditions and equality in the democratic republic.

During the conference organized by the Agency for Gender Equality, to mark International Women’s Day, it was said that today marks the 20th anniversary of the first law on gender equality.

While the acting Executive Director of the Agency for Gender Equality, Edi Gusia has thanked and expressed gratitude to all Kosovar women and girls regardless of ethnicity who contributed to the country’s economy, to the political and public scheme, to administration, entrepreneurship and in a permanent effort to balance professional and private life.