Krifca: We met production needs and increased export of olive oil to over 4100 tons

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Frida Krifca said that she will continue to pursue the strategy of support for the farmers who cultivate olive-trees and promote olive oil exports.
In the Upper Ҁerma, Divjaka, Krifca and Mayor of Divjaka Municipality Josif Gorrea participated in the meeting of the working group, which is implementing the program “Supporting the export of olive oil through quality improvement”.
“We anticipate the coming olive season by promoting the successes of the sector”, said Krifca, as she positively assessed the growing trend of olive oil export.
The minister said that, “In the first 6 months of this year, we have increased olive oil exports to over 4,100 tons, from the average of 80 tons that Albania has historically exported. We have thus grown by 52 times in quantity and 33 times in value, selling our most expensive product in value-added markets”.
The minister appreciated this fact as an important achievement thanks to the measures that were taken in the conditions of the super-production of olive oil.
“The agreement with the Italian counterpart made it possible for the largest amount of olive oil to be exported to Italy, with whom we have strengthened the partnership to benefit from knowledge and experience in adding value to the olive culture,” said Krifca.
During her speech, Krifca also focused on the still unexploited potential that Albania has in the field of olives and olive oil production, which can be further elaborated through new cooperation with the Italian state. /p.s./