Komšić from Brussels: We should seize the chance and start negotiations with the EU in March 2024

We have an opportunity and we need to grab it, Chairman of the BiH Presidency Željko Komšić told FENA, summarizing the impressions from yesterday’s EU-Western Balkans summit in Brussels.

Komšić says that as far as the Western Balkans and relations with the Western Balkans are concerned, there is indeed a mood to move things from a standstill, and this, of course, includes Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“But what I learned unofficially, in conversations with some colleagues and officials of the European Council, is that tomorrow, when all of this will be decided, the Western Balkans, conditionally speaking, will not be a problem. Among the members of the European Union, most spears will be broken around Ukraine, and of course, this will condition how things will be set up towards the Western Balkans,” said Komšić.

Komšić believes that Bosnia and Herzegovina and all the countries of the Western Balkan region really have a great chance and it would be “irresponsible towards our future if we do not take advantage of this opportunity”.

“The circumstances are such that they are going our way, unfortunately, they are not good for all, but we can use it to take one step further, one important step further in the story of BiH’s integration into the European Union, to at least start the negotiations with the EU in March next year,” concluded Chairman Komšić in a statement for FENA.