Knezevic: Should we be in Government, position of Parliament Speaker belongs to us

Podgorica, (MINA) – The coalition For Future of Montenegro (ZBCG) should get the position of a Parliament Speaker should it join the Government, said ticket leader of this coalition and leader of the Democratic People’s Party Milan Knezevic.

Knezevic told TV Vijesti that ZBCG would be in the government based on the number of the seats it won in the parliamentary elections, or it would not be part of it.

He said that in that case, as the opposition, they would do everything to make the government fall as soon as possible.

Knezevic said that it depended of Europe Now (PES) leader Milojko Spajic, whom he saw as a natural PM designate, adding that he didn’t consider the invitation to talks initiated by Democrats’ leader Aleksa Becic.

“I only had a talk with Spajic, not long after the parliamentary elections, but I can’t say that those were negotiations but more a consideration of the general situation, possibilities or possible cooperation”, said Knezevic.

He said that they should be informed in case Becic would emerge as a PM designate, since they didn’t have an intention to take part in the government formed by 41 or 43 MPs, and subsequently invited to join it.

Knezevic said that they were ready to be part of the new government, but on equal basis.

“Then it is clear, both in regard to power and the number of seats, that the position of a Parliament Speaker belongs to ZBCG, and there is nothing disputable in that. Certainly, I, as the ticket leader, and my colleague Andrija Mandic, as our presidential candidate, who won a respectable number of votes, have every right to be part of such a government”, said Knezevic.

He reiterated that they were ready to renounce their participation in the security sector.

Knezevic also reiterated that they were ready to put a moratorium on the issues such as the Kosovo independence and NATO, claiming that they support the territorial integrity of Ukraine.