KAS: About 900 thousand registered, the Serbs in the northern municipalities with massive rejections

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) of has announced that so far the work progress during the fourth week in the field for the Census of Population, Family Economies and Housing in Kosovo is going according to plan.

Avni Kastrati, head of KAS, said that so far the number of people who have been registered is about 900 thousand, therefore he is optimistic that they will be on time. Kastrati also indicated that there have been no refusals for registration so far, while he informed that for those who refuse, they will have to follow legal procedures

The head of KAS said that it is estimated that Kosovo has respected the international standards for registrations and is within the lines of international recommendations.

Furthermore, he has called on all citizens to declare their residence correctly and it is also required that citizens be active in the registration process.

As for Serbian citizens in the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo, he said that there is a massive reluctance to register, adding that other communities in that area are registering.

Kastrati added that in the municipalities in the south, the Serbian community is being registered.

The population census will last until May 17, 2024 until, according to KAS, the preliminary data will be published earlier than expected, in June of this year.