(K) Tsipras sees a window of hope for a solution of the Cyprus problem in 2016

(K) Tsipras sees a window of hope for a solution of the Cyprus problem in 2016

The Greek Prime Minister has told his cabinet today that he sees a “window of hope” that a solution to the deadlocked for over 40 years Cyprus problem could be agreed on within this current year.

Tsipras also stressed that a just solution, based on a number of previous UN resolutions, could start with an agreement for the immediate withdrawal of the estimated 40.000 Turkish soldiers currently deployed with the occupying Turkish army in Cyprus.

He also underlined that healthier relations between Greece and Turkey could be restored once the Cyprus issue is peacefully and fairly solved.

Having recently returned from Tehran, being the first leader from the western world to visit Iran after sanctions were lifted, Tsipras said that Greece has opened a new chapter in its international relations.

On the 27th January he was in Jerusalem for bilateral talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the following day met him again at the trilateral summit between Cyprus, Greece and Israel in Nicosia.

Tsipras told his Ministers today, Wednesday, that the triangular relations between Greece-Cyprus with Egypt and Israel, have upgraded the role of Greece in the fields of energy, production, transit and geopolitics.

“We have achieved important changes in our foreign policy, transforming Greece which always regarded itself as a small and weak country in the international and European geopolitical environment, to a country with the role of a bridge between East and West”, he said.