JusMin: I will have a talk on Tuesday with PM on the amnesty and pardon law

JusMin: I will have a talk on Tuesday with PM on the amnesty and pardon law

Justice Minister Florin Iordache says he will have a talk on Tuesday with Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on the amnesty and pardon law.

“We must make a decision in the Government. Upon leaving from the CSM [Superior Council of Magistrates] I will meet the Prime Minister and, depending on the decision we shall make in the Government, I shall inform you. I shall discuss [with Sorin Grindeanu], I find it a very important topic, and the decision (…) must belong to the Government. I have the technical arguments and I am saying what it is going on,” Florin Iordache pointed out at the CSM seat on Monday morning.

He brought to mind that he had discussions with representatives of penitentiaries and professional associations, pointing out that “humane conditions” are attempted to be created in penitentiaries.

“We had discussions with penitentiary representatives and with professional associations. We mustn’t deny that at the moment the occupancy level in penitentiaries is very high, around 150 percent. These people, if they have done something wrong, should serve their sentence, but we are trying to create some humane conditions. At the same time, we must say a very clear thing, that we have international conventions, we have from the ECHR (…) the sanction of paying several million euro because of the conditions existing in penitentiaries,” the Justice Minister explained,.

In his opinion, by 2021 the occupancy level could not be diminished in the context in which if the construction of a 500-600 place penitentiary began now, the minimum execution time accounts for five years. More…