It’s key for security services to monitor situation, says Plenković

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Wednesday it was key that all Croatian security services closely monitor the security situation following recent attacks in Belgium and Sweden after Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel.
The Security and Intelligence Agency has said it has raised its alertness following the killing of two Swedish men in Brussels. The press in Rijeka asked Plenković if that was enough.
Raising alertness is normal in the new context of great global instability, he said.
The Russian aggression on Ukraine has been going on more than 18 months and Hamas’s terrorist attack on Israel has enormous repercussions, not just on Israel but the whole Middle East region, he added.
The repercussions of this conflict are already being felt in Western countries, Plenković said, mentioning the killing of the two Swedes and a professor in France.
“Terrorism and extremism draw on such events and that’s why it’s key that all our security services be alert and monitor the whole security situation more intensively than in normal circumstances.”
Asked if there was any information about possible threats against Croatia, Plenković said there was not.