Italian Businesses in Bulgaria Support Accelerated Construction of Second Bridge over Danube near Ruse

Italian companies operating in Bulgaria support the construction of a second bridge over the Danube near Ruse, which will significantly ease the increased traffic in the region. This was discussed on Tuesday by the Minister of Transport and Communications, Georgi Gvozdeikov, and the Ambassador of Italy to Bulgaria, Giuseppina Zarra, during a meeting at the Ministry. The future facility will also be able to help solve problems with the transportation of goods in the North-South direction.

The accelerated development of Corridor 8 between the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea is also of strategic importance for connectivity both in the region and throughout Europe, stated Minister Gvozdeikov and Ambassador Zarra. Holding a meeting at the level of ministers of the four countries through which the route passes was discussed. This will give an additional impetus to the realization of the corridor, which is of key importance for the connectivity and economic prosperity of the region.

Gvozdeikov stressed that Bulgaria has taken important steps to modernize railway transport and will use a significant financial resource under the Recovery and Resilience Plan for this sector. “We are also working hard on the Sea2Sea project for rail connectivity between the ports of the Aegean and Black Seas with those on the Danube,” he added.

Georgi Gvozdeikov and Giuseppina Zarra pointed out that the acceptance of Bulgaria into Schengen by the end of the year is a key step that will guarantee even better protection of Europe’s external borders.