Israeli officials support a Cyprus solution based on international law an UN decisions

Israeli officials support a Cyprus solution based on international law an UN decisions

Israeli officials expressed on Wednesday their support for a solution of the Cyprus problem based on international law and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, during a series of meetings they held with President of the House of Representatives Yiannakis Omirou, who is currently paying an official visit to the country.

Omirou, who held a series of meetings with his Israeli counterpart, President of the Knesset Yuli Edestein, the President of the Israel – Cyprus Parliamentary Friendship Group Professor Trajtenberg, and Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water, Yuval Steinitz, said that during his meetings, his interlocutors expressed their support for a Cyprus solution based on the international law and the UN decisions.

`They all expressed their support and solidarity for a solution of the Cyprus problem based on the international law, the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and they believe that the solution of the problem will constitute an excellent example for peace, cooperation and stability in the whole region` Omirou told journalists after his meetings at the Knesset.
He pointed out that there is `huge room for cooperation with Israel`.

Omirou said that already the two states cooperate in the field of energy, technology, trade and culture.

“Those cooperations on all fields will be strengthened with the contribution of the two Parliaments`, he pointed out.

Referring to his meeting with Edelestein he said that they exchanged views on the problems of the wider region.

Both sides, he said, `agree that the two countries can play an extremely important stability role for peace, security and cooperation in the region`.

Referring to the Middle East problem, the House President reiterated Cyprus` steadfast position for a solution based on the relevant UN resolutions, for two states, the State of Israel and one viable and democratic Palestinian state, with safe borders.

Tomorrow, Omirou will hold separate meetings with the President and Prime Minister of Israel, as well as with the Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, the President of the Knesset, welcoming Omirou and his entourage during a plenary session, said that the two countries share the desire to intensify their efforts in all fields, mostly in energy, tourism, environmental protection and counter terrorism.

He also praised Cyprus` efforts in dealing with its economic crisis.

`You have weathered a complicated economic crisis. We wish you great success in contending with the challenge and we assure you of our support` Edelstein stressed.

The Republic of Cyprus has been divided by Turkish troops since 1974 when Turkey invaded and since then occupies 37% of this EU Mediterranean island`s territory. UN led talks to reunify the island resumed in May last year.