Inventor Corneliu Birtok Baneasa, gold and prize for ‘chemical deflector’ at Geneva Salon

Inventor Corneliu Birtok Baneasa, gold and prize for ‘chemical deflector’ at Geneva Salon

Romanian engineer Corneliu Birtok Baneasa received a gold medal and a special prize on behalf of a science and technology professional association in Hong Kong (Science & Technology Parks Corporation) for an invention presented at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. (13-17 April).

He presented at this year’s Salon a device called ‘chemical deflector’ used on vehicles during summer to curbe the engine’s power loss due to high external temperatures.

“The jury acknowledged that by implementing this invention the fuel consumption goes down, and so do the pollutants; that it is a patented innovation; and not least that it is part of a doctoral study,” Birtok Baneasa told AGERPRES on Monday.

He explained that the thermal deflector allows lowering the air temperature at the engine intake manifold, which optimizes its operation during very hot days; it decreases the fuel consumption by seven percent.

Birtok Baneasa noticed that Romanian inventors are highly appreciated at all innovation salons worldwide. In his opinion, it would be useful if the inventors who win various prizes were subsequently supported by authorities to implement their ideas. “Romanian resourcefulness has its say everywhere in the world, not only in Geneva. It would be great for these inventions to be implemented in Romania, not elsewhere, because it would be shameful to bring from outside certain products that could be manufactured here, in Romania, based on Romanian innovations. I believe it would be better for our economy that these innovations, these inventions became domestic products,” said the Deva-born inventor.

Besides, he said he would support in the future the young with technical skills and ideas in presenting some inventions and innovations to various relevant salons, to allow them putting their creativity into practice. More…