INSCOP: 80.2pct of Romanians do not agree with refugees settling in Romania

INSCOP: 80.2pct of Romanians do not agree with refugees settling in Romania

Over 80pct of Romanians do not approve of refugees/immigrants coming from the Middle East settling in Romania, and most of them believe, in the context of the Paris terrorist attacks, that Europe and Romania should not receive them, an INSCOP poll sent to AGERPRES on Friday reveals.

According to the poll, 75.6pct of Romanians believe that, after the Paris terrorist attacks, Europe should not receive immigrants/refugees from the Middle East, and 16pct of the population believes that European states should keep on welcoming them; 8.4pct of participants do not know or do not answer this question.

In what regards the reason for refugees/immigrants leaving their countries, 35pct of Romanians indicated the war in the Middle East (compared to 41.7pct in September), 33.1pct believe we are dealing with organized groups whose purpose is to destabilize Europe (compared to 23.4pct in September), 19.1pct believe the groups in question are made up of immigrants traveling to Europe because of poverty (compared to 23.3pct in September). Lastly, 5.4pct of Romanians believe immigrants are first of all individuals who prefer to live in the EU (compared to 5.9pct in September). Those who do not know or prefer not to answer represent 7.5pct (compared to 5.7pct in September).

In regards to the issue of distributing the groups of refugees among member states, 75.8pct of participants believe that Romania should not receive them (compared to 56.2pct in September), while 19.2pct believe that Romania should receive them (compared to 35.5pct in September). The remaining 5.1pct did not know or did not answer (compared with 8.3pct in September).

The percentage of Romanians who do not approve of refugees/immigrants settling in Romania increased to 80.2pct, compared to 65.3pct in September; 16.1pct of respondents approve of refugees settling Romania (compared to 26.5pct in September). Lastly, 3.7pct of respondents did not know or did not answer this question (compared to 8.2pct in September).

Over 80pct of Romanians — namely 81.9pct — do not approve of refugees settling in their town (compared to 67.1pct in September), while 14.2pct of respondents would approve (compared to 24.4pct in September). The remaining 3.9pct did not know or did not answer (compared to 8.5pct in September). More…