Hybrid, electric car sales surge 125pct from 2014

Hybrid, electric car sales surge 125pct from 2014

Sales of new electric and hybrid cars in Romania hit 411 units in the ten months, marking 125.8 percent surge from the same period in 2014, shows statistics released by the Car Producers and Importers Association (APIA) looked for by AGERPRES on Thursday.

The number of eco-friendly cars reported over this Jan.-Oct. account for 0.5 percent of the total new marketed vehicles.

According to APIA, 25 of the total 411 cars are 100 percent electricity-powered, with the rise as against the ten months of 2014 being 125.8 percent, when 182 ‘green’ cars were marketed, six of them completely electric.

By the type of fuel, diesel-fuelled vehicles kept dominating the Romanian market with 53.3 share of the total marketed ones (42,503 units), while petrol-fuelled cars accounted for 46.2 percent of the market or 36,825 units.

The Old Car Scrappage Scheme this year availed of differential eco-bonuses, which add to the 6,500 lei scrappage bonus with the possibility to combine no more than two eco-bonuses for the purchase of a vehicle. The most recent information supplied by the Environment Fund Administration shows that the Romanian individuals and companies had booked 19,500 Old Car Scrappage Scheme vouchers by Oct. 8. More…