Human rights violations have cost Croatia в‚€ 4 m, daily says

Human rights violations have cost Croatia € 4 million, VeДЌernji List daily said on Thursday, adding that out of 17,916 applications from Croatia, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has established violations in 2.3% of them.
In terms of that ratio, only Germany is exceptionally better (0.6%), while Croatia is near France (2.2%) and Iceland (2.1%). Greece has 9.6% of successful applications.
Out of the Council of Europe’s 47 member states, Croatia ranks 12th as to ECHR judgments in favour of citizens. The ECHR is the favourite legal haven for those who feel that Croatian courts denied them a right guaranteed under theВ European Convention on Human Rights, which Croatia signed in November 1997.
In the last three years, the ECHR delivered judgments in 115 cases, or 5% of 2,233 solved cases, while the other applications filed by Croatian citizens were found to be inadmissible or dismissed. Since November 1997, the ECHR has delivered 506 judgments against Croatia, establishing in 406 at least one violation ofВ theВ Convention. In 66 cases, no violation was found andВ in 27 there was an amicable resolution.
The average in the last three years reached 40 judgments in relation to 1.3 million cases solved annually. However, they concern the gravest rights violations by the Croatian judiciary after two or three instances in regular court and control by the Constitutional Court, which is the requirement for applying to the ECHR.
Of those, 142 violations referred to the right to a fair trial, 105 to long trials, 55 to assets protection, 54 to the right to a private and family life, 37 to an efficient legal remedy, 33 to freedom and security, and 20 to inhumane and humiliating treatment, VeДЌernji List said.