House President: Puppet regime’s document to the UN a serious blow to Akinci’s credibility

House President: Puppet regime’s document to the UN a serious blow to Akinci’s credibility

House President Yiannakis Omirou said on Saturday that a document of the Turkish Cypriot puppet submitted to the UN through Turkey`s permanent mission in New York constitutes a serious blow to the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci`s credibility.

Omirou noted that this action, as well as Akinci`s recent statements that the property issue will be solved by compensation, constitute a political attitude that directly undermines the prospects of the ongoing UN-led negotiations on the Cyprus problem.

“The document circulated to the UN by Turkey on behalf of the puppet regime, referring to two sovereign and independent states in Cyprus and to a defunct Republic of Cyprus constitutes a major blow to the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci`s credibility and intentions,” Omirou said in his written statement.

The two-page document of the breakaway state, said among others that “the pretentious contention by the Greek Cypriot side ignores the present realities on the ground, namely the existence of two independent self-governing states on the island of Cyprus, each exercising sovereignty and jurisdiction within its respective territory”. It also noted that “continuous attempts by the Greek Cypriot side, through often-repeated false statements, to confer legitimacy upon the long-defunct `Republic of Cyprus` are futile, since the Turkish Cypriot people will never give in to their unjust demands.”

Furthermore it said that “the Greek Cypriot administration should once again be reminded that its counterpart is and has always been the Turkish Cypriot side, not Turkey, and that its insistent denial of the Turkish Cypriot rights in the North of the island does not bode well for the prospect of finding a just and lasting settlement.” It added that the settlement must be “in line with the established United Nations parameters, which envisage a new partnership on the basis of the political equality of the two peoples of the island, within the framework of a bizonal, bicommunal federation with two constituent states of equal status.”

Earlier on Saturday, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said that the letter of the breakaway regime constitutes a “usual reply” given to a “routine” document of the Cypriot Permanent Representation to the UN as regards the violations of Cyprus’ airspace by the Turkish air force.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci are currently engaged in UN-backed peace talks to reunite the island under a federal roof.