House President critical of Tusk statement on Turkey

House President critical of Tusk statement on Turkey

House of Representatives President Yiannakis Omirou has commented critically over a statement by European Council President Donald Tusk saying that Turkey constitutes a “best example in the world of how to treat refugees.”

In a written statement Omirou expresses his shock over the Tusk`s statement, adding that “it is a statement which constitutes an insult to the fundamental principles and values of the European Union.”

How can Turkey be presented as an example of reception and hosting of refugees, he wonders, when the Turkish state is fully aware of a systematic human trafficking operation by smugglers and traffickers transporting thousands of refugees in flimsy vessels, who drown in the turbulent Agean waters and wash up in the Greek islands` shores?”

When, he continues, “Turkey ruthlessly takes advantage of the refugees` plight in a bazaar with no moral restraints, using blackmail and asking the EU for huge sums of money.”

When, he adds, it shamelessly demands for the abolition of EU visas for Turkish nationals?

When, he points out, Turkey demands the opening of EU accession chapters which have been frozen because it refuses to fulfill its obligations decided by the European Council.

Unfortunately, Omirou says, the behaviour of European officials diminishes the value of the European vision as they prioritise interests with cynicism instead of EU fundamental principles and values.