House President asks for European contribution to Cyprus solution

House President asks for European contribution to Cyprus solution

House of Representatives President Yiannakis Omirou has asked for a substantial contribution on the part of the EU to a solution of the Cyprus issue based on the international and European law principles.

In a message to mark Europe Day, Omirou recalled that Cyprus` EU membership was also its greatest achievement after the national tragedy of the Turkish invasion of 1974.

It should shield our country and enhance our people`s sense of security, it should create the conditions for the solution of the Cyprus problem which will compatible with the European value system and the European legislation.

“It is time to use EU mechanisms and possibilities for a just, democratic and European solution of the Cyprus problem”, he notes.

Omirou expresses the point of view that Cyprus should “demand the active contribution of the EU in the efforts for a solution”.

He says a special envoy should be appointed who will check whether the various provisions of a solution plan are compatible with Cyprus` EU membership.

He further says that Cyprus should demand that Turkey abides by its Cyprus related EU obligations in accordance with a European Council conclusions of 2005.

Cyprus has been divided since Turkey invaded the island in 1974 and occupied its northern third. A new round of UN-backed talks to reunite the island under a federal roof is set to commence soon.

The House of Representatives President also speaks of a chasm between Northern and Southern Europe and expresses the point of view that austerity policies lead to a vicious circle of recession, high unemployment and social misery.

It is imperative that Europe changes its direction towards investments, growth, the creation of new jobs, employment and social cohesion, he notes, adding that this will be the only way to restore the principles and values on which the European edifice was built.