Greek budget showed a primary surplus of 3.6 billion euros in January-July 2023

According to the data available for the execution of the State Budget on a modified cash basis, the State Budget balance for the period of January – July of 2023 presented a deficit of 1,435 million Euros, against a target of a deficit of 2,320 million Euros that has been incorporated for the same period of 2023 in the 2023 Budget introductory report and a deficit of 4,585 million Euros for the same period of 2022. The State Budget Primary Balance amounted to a surplus of 3,558 million Euros, against the primary surplus target of 1,830 million Euros and the primary deficit of 1,161 million Euros performed at the same period of the previous year.

State Budget net revenues amounted to 37,148 million Euros, showing an underperformance of 538 million Euros or 1.4% against the target of the corresponding period, which is included in the 2023 Budget introductory report.