Government task force: Fire death toll could rise significantly

Government task force: Fire death toll could rise significantly

The number of dead following the fire that wreaked havoc at the Colectiv Bucharest club on Friday evening could rise significantly in the coming period, and even double, concluded the government task force headed by Premier Victor Ponta convened on Sunday at the Victoria Palace of Government.

The task force is made up of Premier Victor Ponta, Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea, Defence Minister Mircea Dusa, commander of the Military Hospital Florentina Ionita Radu, Professor Dr. Ioan Lascar — head of the Floreasca Hospital plastic surgery clinic, Health Minister Nicolae Banicioiu, and head of the Emergencies Department Raed Arafat.

“Unfortunately, the tragedy didn’t end on Friday evening, is the conclusion of most officials present at the meeting.”

The officials decided to call a medical committee on Monday morning, including Minister Banicioiu and doctor Ioan Lascar, that will visit the patients in all hospitals to assess their condition and present their conclusions to the task force that will again meet at the Victoria Palace.

Two French doctors, considered to be best in burn wounds treatment, will also be part of the commission.

The Government will also decide by the end of the year whether to set in place a special program for the rehabilitation of the injured.

As far as the foreign citizens injured in the fire are concerned, the authorities voiced readiness to set at the disposal of all the persons who want to be treated out of country all the necessary means to travel abroad, but only after the Romanian doctors who treat them give their OK.

The bodies of the 29 victims of the fire were to be handed over today to the grieving families. More…