Government considers implementing “Digital Alliance for female employment”

Government considers implementing “Digital Alliance for female employment”

The government is assessing the results of the “Digital Alliance for female employment” initiative being carried out by the Greek government in order to apply the same or similar program to enhance women`s employment and to further expand cooperation to strengthen efforts to achieve gender equality.

To this end, the General Secretary for Gender Equality Vaso Kollia is visiting Cyprus to present the program and the results of its implementation in Greece.

Kollia met with the Minister of Justice Ionas Nicolaou in the presence of the Commissioner for Gender Equality Iosifina Antoniou.

In her statements after the meeting, Antoniou said that the Secretary General for Gender Equality and her scientific associate are in Cyprus to provide information about the “Digital Alliance for female employment” strategic initiative which was first put into practice in Greece which will be a kind of model for countries that have employment problems.

She explained that the aim is to increase women`s employment in the field of new technologies and the digital economy.

Kolia said that “the financial crisis has brought negative results in Europe, particularly in the south and especially in Greece and Cyprus from which we all suffer and it has forced us to look for new alternatives at all levels.”

She added that one of the new alternatives especially at the employment level is the digital economy, which will play a key role in the development of Europe in the coming years.

“We have to act immediately to seize and exploit the opportunities given to us by the EU as well as to develop synergies,” she said.

Kollias also said that with the help of the Minister of Justice and the Commissioner, the Digital Alliance for female employment could also be applied in Cyprus.

The Minister of Justice said that the effort is part of the action plan for gender equality.

Seeking new solutions in the effort to put into practice one of the main pillars of the program, which is female employment, there is cooperation with the Secretariat General of the Greek Government, the Minister of Justice said.

He added that “we seek together to promote some of these programs, one of which is the “Digital Alliance for female employment.”

In conclusion, Minister said that “the mutual cooperation that has been developed will be extended to other fields to enable us to expand the ways of implementing effective equality between genders.”