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Government condemns Erdοgan’s remarks on Cyprus

Government Spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis described on Tuesday remarks by the Turkish President on Cyprus as condemnable, unacceptable and provocative.

Recep Tayip Erdogan claimed that the whole of Cyprus would have fallen to Turkey if the invasion did not stop.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied the island’s northern third.

Speaking after the Cabinet meeting, Letymbiotis said that “the unacceptable statements and the timing chosen by President Erdogan demonstrate a lack of respect for international law, the European acquis, the UN Security Council resolutions, but also for the Secretary General himself, whose personal envoy was in our country some 24-hours ago, with the mission to create conditions for the resumption of talks within the agreed framework.”

The Turkish President, said the Spokesperson, chooses to send a message of division in practice by violating and ignoring the UN Security Council resolutions.

“Erdogan’s unacceptable statements prove once again the obvious: there can be no anachronistic guarantees in a modern, European state. It is inconceivable that any state should be prey to the appetites and expansionist intentions of foreign states. This is what international law requires. This is what justice and reason demand”, said the Spokesperson.

We will continue with all our strength, said Letymbiotis,  “to resume negotiations from the point where they have been left off with the aim of a final solution of the Cyprus problem, on the basis of the bizonal, bicommunal federation, with political equality, fully aligned and consistent with the UN Security Council resolutions”, adding that this is our national priority.

Asked if, following the Turkish President’s statements, he believes there is room for success in the efforts of the UNSG’s Personal Envoy, the Spokesperson said Holguin’s efforts open up “a new period in our efforts to resume negotiations”.

Her appointment, he added, proves the SG’s dedication to efforts to resume the negations. “We will not allow anyone to deviate us from the mission of resolving the Cyprus issue within the agreed framework”, Letymbiotis added.

He also said the Cyprus problem will not be resolved through public remarks and “we will not accept such kind of statements from Turkey.”

What we want and we are urging, “is for there to be a sincere intention and willingness to return to negotiations within the agreed framework, from the point where they have been interrupted, to achieve a viable, final solution that will benefit the whole of Cyprus, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, but also the entire region, Letymbiotis added.

CNA sources meanwhile said that Holguin is due to visit Brussels and Berlin in April, as Germany is considered a country with good relations with Turkey.