Government: 16 million euros are allocated to mitigate the energy crisis and the Kosovo-Turkey military agreement is signed

On Friday, the government approved the proposal-decision for the allocation of budget funds for the implementation of measures 1. and 4. of the Action Plan for mitigating the immediate socio-economic impact of the energy crisis according to Government Decision No. 29/112 dated 13.12.2022, amended and supplemented by Government Decision No. 03/128 dated 16.02.2023 (Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers).

At the government meeting, the Minister of Finance, Hekuran Murati, said that the value of this measure is worth 16 million euros.

“It is about the decision that we just took, 22 million euros are transferred to them and are now being distributed within the framework of the measures that have been foreseen. We have received a request from the Ministry of Economy for the allocation of five million euros within measure 4 to mitigate the immediate socio-economic impact of the energy crisis. So, from this 16 million, 5 million go to the Ministry of Economy, while another 11 million go to the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers to the social assistance program in order to cover the payment for vulnerable families within the program that we approved to address this issue”, said Murati.

Also, in its meeting, the Government of Kosovo has approved a Proposal-decision to request the President of the Republic of Kosovo to grant the Authorization to the Minister of Defense for the signing of the Military Framework Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of the Republic of Turkey.

The Minister of Defense, Ejup Maqedonci, has shown what this agreement includes.

He said this agreement enables the exchange of personnel as well as military education, which is in the interest of both parties.

“This agreement covers the exchange of personnel, materials, equipment and information, as well as experiences in these areas, military training and education, education and courses in military schools, exchange of military intelligence and other areas that are of interest to both sides”, Maqedonci said.