Gërvalla to Ukrainian journalists: We know how it is when your very existence is being denied

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla stated that Kosovo understands the pain of the war and the Russian tendency to disappear in Ukraine. She said that they will always support this country and that she is convinced that Ukraine will enjoy full sovereignty and independence. This is what she expressed to Ukrainian journalists at the reception organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the Independence Day of Ukraine.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla said that Kosovo knows what independence means. According to her, all citizens of Kosovo have felt the aggression and the war. She remembered the time of the war in Kosovo, where, as Gërvalla said, she was forced to leave Kosovo with her family.
Gërvalla: We know how it is when your very existence is being denied
“I myself was a child of 8 years only when I became a refugee. I was forced to leave my country with my mother and my two brothers. Everything we had to leave behind. The rest of the family, our friends, school, toys, just everything. We were only one family of many thousands of families, hundreds of thousands of people were forced to leave Kosova, compared to the size of Ukraine it would be up to 10 million of people, because you know we are a little bit smaller than Ukraine”, she said.
This is how she expressed herself in the discussion with Ukrainian journalists sheltered in Kosovo, within the “Journalists-in-Residence Kosovo” program. Gërvalla added that there is no compromise for independence, sovereignty and dignity.
Gërvalla also said that Kosovo supports Ukraine and is convinced that it will win.
“Kosovo stands with the new Ukraine, Kosovo wants to protect you and celebrate the victory together. We will support you every step of the way with all means and Ukraine will enjoy full sovereignty and full independence. I am convinced and I know we will see victory and celebrate victory with you,” she added.
The managing director of the European Center for Press and Media Freedom, Lutz Kinkel, considered the commitment of the Government of Kosovo to this program and the accommodation of Ukrainian journalists to be amazing. According to him, every journalist should have the opportunity to work without fear, without harassment and without being censored.
The journalist from Ukraine, Lyndamila Mekh, expressed her gratitude for Kosovo’s support and emphasized that this program is the best in Europe.
“We Ukranian journalists are sincerely grateful to you for your sincere support, understanding and all the assistance to each of us participants of the journalists in the residence Kosovo Program. This program is truly the best in Europe for media workers who work in remotely, keep in touch with Ukrainian media.” she said.
The President of the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, Xhemajl Rexha, showed how this program started and the support provided by the Government of Kosovo. He added that work spaces and other assistance are being offered to Ukrainian journalists.
Rexha added that the 12 journalists sheltered in Kosovo write every day for their media in Ukraine.