Full tank costs 11 euros more in Italy than EU average

A 50-litre full tank of petrol cost 11 euros more in Italy in August than the European average, the Faib Confesercenti association representing gas stations said in a report on Wednesday.

It said that, with the average motorist filling up four times a month, Italian consumers spent 388.20 euros on petrol in August, 45 euros more than the European average.

The association said the difference between Italian gas prices and the EU average is due to fuel duties and other taxes.
It said 57% of the price of petrol was down to duties and VAT in August this year in figures released at the assembly marking the association’s 60th anniversary.

Faib Confesercenti said petrol prices were up 9.5% in August in Italy with respect to the same month in 2022, while diesel cost 2.7% more.