First Romanian News Agency AGERPRES celebrates 126th anniversary

First Romanian News Agency AGERPRES celebrates 126th anniversary

AGERPRES National News Agency is the first news agency in Romania, as its history began on March 27, 1889, when then-Foreign Minister P. P. Carp signed the ‘birth certificate’ of the Telegraphic Agency of Romania.

The Telegraphic Agency of Romania actually began operating a month later, on April 11, when ‘the first telegram’ was dispatched to Vienna, in fact the first piece of press news.

The institution has borne the names, along the ages, of the Telegraphic Agency of Romania or the Romanian Agency, the Romanian Telegraphic Agency “Orient-Radio” — RADOR, the Romanian Press Agency — AGERPRES, the National Press Agency ROMPRES, and, since 2008, the National News Agency AGERPRES.

From the first telegram up to multimedia news, AGERPRES has for 126 years reported the most important information across Romania as well as outside the country. Be it culture, documentaries, politics, economy or high-level meetings, AGERPRES has covered all the events of interest promptly and in an unbiased manner.

The AGERPRES re-branding from September 17, 2013 has introduced both a change of the visual identity and a new format entailing the development of the multimedia area, orientation towards the online environment, while at the same time turning what we call a complete journalist into a concept.

By fast alerts, the launch of the mobile application, the development of the activity on the social networks as well as by the creation of fresh news flows — or services — AGERPRES keeps adjusting to the changes of the international news media. More…