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Exports, Denaj: Agriculture with a clear target of 1 billion in 2030, we aim to access elite markets

“The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is moving steadily towards hitting the target of $1 billion in agricultural exports by 2030, an upbeat projection based on the figure of $500 million already reached.”

This is what the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Anila Denaj, said adding that “there has been a momentum especially this year which sees the agricultural exports pursue an upward trend while the value of the indicator is still higher than in previous years.”

Denaj estimated that, “there is an increase in Albanian agricultural exports by 13.8% for 2023 in value and 2.3% in quantity.” She highlighted a very important qualitative change that has occurred as a result of the boom and development of tourism in Albania, where the value of Albanian products from domestic consumption has increased by 1.5 compared to the value of exports.

The minister also said, “another important element in relation to exports is the fact of the exponential increase in the value of exports.”

“Our aim is to guide processed agricultural exports towards elite markets and promote organic production ‘Made in Albania’ as one of the latest demands of the German markets in the bilateral talks we have held recently”, said Denaj.