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Eurobarometer Survey: Bulgarians Equally Interested in Local, National, European News

Bulgarians are almost equally interested in local news (46%), national news (43%) and EU news (42%), according to a Eurobarometer survey released Friday by the European Parliament.

Bulgarian media consumers follow news about the economy (36%) and science and technology (35%). The survey shows that people in Bulgaria are mainly informed by television (81%) and this is 10% more than in the rest of the EU. A total of 53% of Bulgarians get their information from online media (42% in the rest of the EU) and 55% from social networks (37% in the EU).

When using social networks, Bulgarian users most often log on to Facebook (81% vs. 63% in the EU), followed by YouTube (63% in Bulgaria vs. 55% in the EU), and 19% of Bulgarian users and 62% of the rest of the EU use WhatsApp.

The majority in Bulgaria and other EU countries (56-59%) do not follow the so-called influencers. Six percent in the EU and two percent of respondents in Bulgaria say they do not use social networks.