EU Ministers discuss cooperation and coordination in health systems

EU Ministers discuss cooperation and coordination in health systems

Cooperation and coordination in dealing with challenges faced in national health systems was the focus at the Informal Meeting of EU Ministers of Health, that takes place in Riga 20-21 April.

According to a press release, Cypriot Heath Minister Philippos Patsalis spoke about immigration and its impact on public health as well as the economic fallout on health systems, an issue faced to a greater or lesser extent by all members states.

Patsalis underlined that cooperation and coordination among member states is imperative, noting at the same time that applying effective control systems and health monitoring for immigrants by member states will have a positive impact on public health all over Europe.

He called on competent European and international organisations to provide relevant technical and other support, especially to countries exposed to immigration, such as the Mediterranean countries.

The Minister also referred to the problem faced by small markets with limited purchasing capacity with regard to the supply of medicines, such as the Cypriot market, and with regard to the supply of new drugs and stressed the need to develop cooperation mechanisms on a European level, through a single process of supply.

As he explained, the objective should be to secure lower prices and equal availability of drugs to people in all member states.