Emigrants wish to find a united Mitrovica next time they visit

Mitrovica compatriots who are enjoying the last days of vacation in their hometown, are satisfied with the changes in the city of Mitrovica. They, during a conversation for KosovaPress, declared that for a short time, great changes have been made, especially in the construction and infrastructure sector, while they do not hide their burning desire to find a united Mitrovica next year.
Bahtir Ademi, who came for vacation with his family of five from France, says that there has been a big change in Mitrovica in terms of construction.
According to him, the prices of some items are high for the citizens here, although he says that things have changed for the better in terms of the living standards of the citizens themselves and are not like before.
He had remarks regarding cleanliness in general on the streets of the city, for which he said that citizens should raise awareness about this issue and not throw garbage and other things in the wrong place.
Ademi highlighted the great desire to find Mitrovica united next year, so that Albanian citizens can move freely and without problems in the northern part.
Even Bashkim Azemi, another citizen of Mitrovica with a temporary job in Germany, mentioned the unification of the city as the main issue.
Arsim Avdyli, an immigrant also from France, said that here everything has already changed for the better, including the constructions everywhere, but also the general economic condition of the citizens in general.
He mentioned his desire for the opening of borders and free movement of all citizens without distinction, as well as emphasized the desire for one and united Mitrovica.
On the other hand, Valdete Idrizi, director for Culture, Youth and Sport in the municipality of Mitrovica, announced that this year, within the framework of the ‘Diaspora Week’, the Municipality has organized various cultural and sports activities for more than a month for expatriates.
She, in addition to concerts and sports activities, also mentioned fairs, exhibitions, literary evenings and youth camps, as she said, as a continuation of the tradition of dignified and warm reception for the diaspora.
She told KosovaPress that the special feature of this summer is that an ‘arbereshe’ from the city of Zara, Croatia performed, where there was a concert in the space of the city’s museum, as well as the promotion of some activity books from the diaspora, Bajram Muharremi.