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EBRD: Albanian government, comprehensive social resistance packages to shield households and business, wage reform and tourism boom

Albanian government has implemented comprehensive social resistance packages and has increased the public sector wages as part of a salary reform in the country, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said in its latest Transition Report 2023-24 released recently.

“Following the implementation of two comprehensive social resistance packages aimed at shielding households and businesses from the rising prices, Albanian authorities began to reform and increase public-sector wages and raised the minimum wage by 18% in 2023,” EBRD said in its report.

In the meantime, EBRD said that Albania’s economic growth continues in 2023, and emphasized the country’s tourism booming sector.

“Tourism sector recorded best performance ever in terms of foreign tourist arrivals and overnight stays. The sector is in for another strong performance this year, with the first eight months of the year showing a 27% increase in tourist arrivals,” EBRD said.