Dam storage levels at 34%

Dam storage levels at 34%

Heavy rainfall in the past two days in Cyprus has resulted in an inflow of 18 million cubic metres in dams across the island and has raised water storage levels to 34% compared to 27% last Friday, Water Development Department senior officer Andreas Manoli has told CNA.

Replying to a CNA question about the water inflow in the past few days in the dams, he said that “there has been an approximate inflow of 18 million cubic metres”.

During the whole of last year there was an inflow of 12 million cubic metres and during the second worst year 2007 – 2008 thee was a total inflow of 18 million cubic metres, he said.

“In 48 hours we have surpassed by 50% the worst inflow and we have covered the second worst”, he said.

Replying to a question about the dam storage levels which on Friday stood at 27%, he said that dam storage levels are now at 34%. As regards the southern pipeline which is connected to all districts apart from Paphos, which on Sunday had storage levels of 16%, it now stands at 24%, he added.

According to Manolis, it is expected that there will a be significant inflow of water in the dams in the coming days due to the rainfall and snow that has fallen in the past few days.

Despite the fact that it is too early to make a long-term projection, he noted that it is nevertheless important to see an inflow of water equal to an entire bad year in just two days.