Dacian Ciolos, named Prime Minister-designate by President Iohannis

Dacian Ciolos, named Prime Minister-designate by President Iohannis

President Klaus Iohannis announced, at the end of the second round of consultations with political parties on Tuesday, that he nominates Dacian Ciolos as Prime Minister-designate.

“I nominate Mr Dacian Ciolos for the position of Prime Minister of Romania”, Iohannis said at the presidential Cotroceni Palace.

He underscored that the solution for the current period is a technocrats’ government.

“In my opinion, at this stage, in order to resolve the problem of governing and have the guarantee that we will have net improvement of the political class, there is need of an independent or technocrat prime minister, a clean person, who should not have been involved in any row, an upright person, who has proved in practice that he knows how to manage systems and complicated situations. There is need to promote well-performing ministers, who have showed such performance and over whom there is no doubt”, Iohannis said.

The Romanian head of state underscored there is also need of parties without corrupted people.

“There is need for the political parties to clean their ranks and to not promote to the public positions those persons suspected of corruption or who have been involved in corruption deeds”, he added.

The president said the local and parliamentary polls due next year must be fair and the rule of law must be strengthened.

“We further very much need the strengthening of the rule of law — for the political parties this equals that, for example, when the prosecutors ask for approvals in Parliament they should get those approvals. There is need to open the political competition. We cannot wait for an improvement, a revival of the political class from inside the parties only. There is need of new people too (…) Without new people, it is hard to suppose we will have a new political class. This does not mean the old ones must go, those who are good need to stay, but we should also have new entries into the system”, he stressed.

Iohannis underscored that Romania stays firm on the European and Euro-Atlantic road.

“There is need that any government that we will have be supported by Parliament, by the political parties so as to take measures guaranteeing sustainable growth”, he added. More…