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Cyprus vulnerable to the effects of climate change, Minister of Agriculture says

Cyprus is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Dr Maria Panayiotou has said, addressing an event organized by the Department of Meteorology at the Athalassa Radiosonde Station, on the occasion of the World Meteorology Day.

She added that rising temperatures, rising sea levels and changing weather patterns pose serious threats to the environment, the economy and society of Cyprus.

The Minister pointed out that the government, with the contribution of the Department of Meteorology, has been implementing a series of measures aimed at addressing climate change and improving resilience to its effects throughout society. Strengthening scientific research, developing national adaptation strategies and raising public awareness are key priorities to improve climate conditions, she said.

“In Cyprus, a country that often faces the consequences of the climate crisis, it is vital to implement adaptation and resilience measures. It is necessary to strengthen our structures and implement solutions that will allow us to effectively manage climate risks while improving the quality of life of our citizens,” she underlined.