Cyprus shooting shows signs of recovery, President of Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation stresses in an interview with CNA

Cyprus shooting shows signs of recovery, President of Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation stresses in an interview with CNA

The Cypriot shooting shows signs of recovery after a short period of recession that has been through the last couple of years, affected by the economic crisis, Demetris Lordos, President of the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation has said in an interview with Cyprus News Agency.

Lordos pointed out that a tangible evidence of this recovery constitute the three gold and one silver medal Cyprus secured in the European Championship Shotgun, held on 4-12 July, 2016, in Lonato, Italy.

In his interview with CNA, Lordos referred to the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio, the latest international achievements of the Cypriot shooters, the shooting events and games that will take place in Cyprus, as well as the priorities and challenges of the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation.

Asked about the goals of the Federation on the Olympic Games, Lordos said that the main goal is a place in the finals for the two athletes, Andreas Hasikos and Andri Eleftheriou, and if they do so, why not a medal. If they get in the finals it is a matter of being in a good condition that day and everything could happen as regards the claiming of one of the three medals, he stressed.

He expressed his optimism about the two athletes, noting that they have the potentials for something really good. As he said, Hasikos and Eleftheriou are already in Brazil and are practising there with their coach.

Replying to a question, Lordos admitted that the sport has been through a crisis as a result of the broader economic crisis in Cyprus. As he pointed out, many of the athletes could afford the participation in the local championships and this affected the results of the Cypriot shooters abroad.

However, as he stressed replying to a question, the results of the European Championship Shotgun, held recently in Italy, were in one sense unexpected due to that crisis and proved that the sport is recovering again. Cyprus secured three gold medals and one silver in that Championship. The two cold medals were secured in the divisions of Men Junior and Women teams, leaving behind teams like Russia, Germany and Italy.

The results of this Championship for our country constitute one of the greatest success of the Cyprus sports in the history of the Republic of Cyprus since we have never won three gold medals in one single European championship in any sport.

Lordos also referred to the Cyprus National Team in Sporting that secured the 5th place in the World Championship in Sporting that held in Perugia, Italy earlier this month, stressing that this is also a great achievement for Cyprus shooting.